Saturday, March 30, 2013

Half Birthday

Yesterday was Cordelia's half birthday, meaning she is three and a half. We decided to make the day a bit special and celebrate the half birthday. There were no presents or anything, just a day for Cordelia to feel extra special. We let her choose what she wanted to eat and do for part of the day and then she had a half of a birthday cake with 3 1/2 candles.

Nothing major, just something out of the ordinary.





c and m

Elise had a special day too. Her first time on the swing!

Sisters on swings

half cake
Half of a cake

Half birthday girl


Anonymous said...

What an imagination you have! Cool!

Michelle said...

Totally sweet and lovely photos!

Sarah Purdy said...

Happy half bday sweet girl!

Wiktoria Miki said...

Nice blog: D She is very kawai <3
maybe flow to flow?

affectioknit said...

Happy half-birthday! sweet...

~Have a lovely day!

AKM said...

Thank you for letting us watch them grow. I remember when Cordelia looked as little as Elise. My, time flies, but when it's spent with those darling ones, it's spent making priceless memories, isn't it?

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