Saturday, April 6, 2013

Harbinger of Spring

I always look for robins this time of year. They usually show up before the snow is completely gone, just on the edge of spring. When I see them I know that the worst of winter is over. The coldest days are behind us and soon the air will be filled with the scents of lilac and apple blossoms.

I was recently out with my neighbor when I spotted my first robin sitting atop a branch on the cottonwood that lives in our front yard. I gasped (yeah, it was a gasp, what about it?) and pointed it out to the neighbor. He was polite about it, like, "Uh, yep there it is." I knew that perhaps we were not kindred spirits as he clearly did not understand what a robin signifies. I felt a little sheepish for expressing joy like a freshman drama major (you know I love you thespians) and changed the subject as I kept an eye on that robin with the bright eyes winking at me from the tree.

Since then we have seen many a robin hanging around the house and yard. Yesterday Cordelia and I watched a robin hop onto our wheelbarrow and help itself to a drink of fresh rainwater that had collected there.






Anne Marie said...

I understand you completely, and agree, the first robin of spring is gasp-worthy! They are the symbol of hope, that winter really is coming to an end, and the deliciousness of long summer days is not far off.

Anonymous said...

Robins always remind me of a song my mother sang. Do you know the melody?

There came to my window one morning in spring
A sweet little robin,she came there to sing
The tune that she sang, it was prettier by far
Than any I heard on the flute or guitar
2nd verse -
Her wings she was spreading to soar far away
Then resting a moment,seemed sweetly to say
"Oh happy, how happy the world seems to be
Awake, dearest child, and be happy with me.”

Maria Rose said...

I have never heard that. Thanks for sharing

Michelle said...

What wonderful photos!

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