Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Decorating

Well it is already time to decorate for Christmas. Last night we pulled out our bags and boxes from storage and hauled them up to the living room. Eric assembled our tree and we got to decorating.

 Christmas decorating 2013
The key ingredient to Christmas decorating is John Denver and the Muppets. Accept no substitutions.

Christmas decorating 2013
Elise and Betty Sprinkles chillax under the tree.

Christmas decorating 2013
Eric hangs the lights.

Christmas decorating 2013
Elise and I decorate the tree. Cordelia hung all of her ornaments in one spot as usual.

Christmas decorating 2013
The small tree in the girls' room is from early in our marriage and our first 400sq/ft apartment. We had only room for a small tree purchased for 5.99 at Big Lots. Classy!

Christmas decorating 2013
This girl

Christmas decorating 2013
I know what you're thinking. Halloween pajamas?!? The story is that we were out at our friend's shop earlier, Derby (click here, incidentally my hubby took the photos for the vavavoom collection seen on the homepage), and Elise saw these and freaked out. She is crazy about skeletons. We have no idea why she likes them, perhaps a gene passed down from her father's goth days. Anyway, she loved the pajamas and couldn't wait to wear them. In fact the first thing she did this morning was point to her pajamas and say, "skelelele," whick we all know translates to skeleton.

Christmas decorating 2013
Here we are all set up and ready to go! Have you decorated for the holidays?


Mom said...

Nope...not yet. Tomorrow night, though, John Denver and the Muppets will be booming at our house so I hope you are ready for round #2.

Victoria said...

Isn't happening! Kitchen in a shambles right now...can't even think of adding to the chaos. I envy your ability to organize! True confessions: Love John Denver.
Your place looks so festive!Oh, and love sweet Elise in her skelelel!!

Sarah Purdy said...

I feel like I need to know more about the John Denver & the Muppets obsession. In my house growing up, it was all about the Perry Cuomo and the Barbara Streisand Christmas albums. My mom is full blooded Italian with a flair for Broadway so there you go. Probably the reason why I jumped ship and converted to Judaism at the ripe old age of 21. Your tree is beautiful!

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