Friday, December 13, 2013

With the Girls

I remember waiting desperately for time to pass when I was a child. It seemed that each day took forever, that I would always be too young. I am sure you remember that too. Longing for the days when you could ride a bike, drive a car, stay out with friends, whatever. Then they were there and gone. Mostly I am fine with that business, goodness knows my teen years lasted long enough for everyone involved.

Yet, here I am longing for the clock to stall, not wanting these little ladies to grow up too quickly. While I am excited to see the girls and women they will become, I can't shake the feeling that I need to hold on to the now a little tighter.The days are passing too quickly. Life with my little girls is such a treasure, all of it. The nonsense, the good times, the tears, the tantrums.I wouldn't trade one second of it.

Yesterday, while Cordelia was at school, Elise and I played around in the basement. Rolling on the floor, giggling, cuddling, tickling...just being a mother and daughter.

Elise and I


Later Cordelia showed us her yoga moves while Elise danced around in awe of her big sister's ability to stand on one foot.




Finally, Cordelia requested face her wish was granted.
Cordelia and I



Emily said...

It's funny how much rolling around on the floor we do at our house too. Acting crazy, tickling, just talking and laughing and playing. So much time is spent there. Hope the clock stands still for you a few times today. :)

Mom said...

Adorable, all three of you!

Sarah Purdy said...

Love these moments. Good job staying in the picture, Mom. <3

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