Monday, March 24, 2014

Random Monday

Saturday my parents hung out with the girls while Eric and I had a date night. We went out for a drink together and then met our friends Sarah and Josh for dinner. When dinner was over the table behind us said something like,"oh no, you're leaving, we've had such fun listening to you." So we were all embarrassed that our conversation was eavesdropped upon, but not that embarrassed. We had a great time!

Elise is under the weather and has been all weekend. We have had a few long nights and everyone is a little exhausted and Elise is just a bit miserable. I am pretty sure it is an ear infection. We are headed to the pediatrician this afternoon.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and got a few new clothes. I also optimistically ordered a pair of open toed shoes in spite of MORE SNOW.

Speaking of which, today is day 1 of our month without buying new things! I am really excited about it. I am hoping this will be an opportunity for me to tackle projects on my own, to be a bit more creative with problem solving, to feel a little less tethered to stores. 

Last night we went out for a birthday dinner with adopted family member Laura. It was a nice dinner in spite of Elise's illness, which peaked later that evening. Cordelia spent a good amount of time dressing for dinner. She arrived wearing a ballerina dress, her great great grandmotther's black and bejeweled hat, tights, sparkle shoes, and a big proud smile. That kid has a style all her own! I love it!

I have been half heartedly potty training Elise with a thing that fits over the toilet. Then I caved and got an independent potty. This little girl is very independent and I hoped that would work in our favor. She immediately understood and has been using it ever since. She is at about a 70% success rate when we are at home!

What is new with you?


Anne Jezek said...

Bummer, man! We hope Elise feels better soon! Sending lots of love and sunshine from Mexico! The sunshine is in anticipation of those open-toed shoes!

elizabeth said...

ha! i just wrote a random monday post! :)

also - i hope the weather will cooperate with your new shoes!

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