Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Copeland Weekend Part II

Saturday was a very full day! I gave an art lesson in the morning and tried to stay on top of other life things (grooming, laundry, etc.). Then I made the family and Heather a quick lunch before we headed back to the museum for a workshop led by Copeland.

Me, watching Copeland teach

The first part of the workshop included a tour through the galleries with an opportunity to ask the artist about his work, a rare opportunity indeed!


After a great tour and discussion we went to the studio and began our work in creating without fear. Copeland is an intuitive artist who maintains that the primary stumbling block for artists is fear. For those of us who had been students years ago it was so wonderful and familiar to learn from him again. For newbies it was such fun to watch them struggle for a moment before settling in and just making! My awesome mother had the girls and apparently was trying for Grandmother of the Year, they had so much fun. It was sure nice for Eric and I to just take a little time to enjoy and create.

When the workshop was done everyone in our group split for a bit, Kendra and her friend had to leave. The rest of the group reassembled at our house for dinner and conversation. Lovely!

looking at art
Eric showing his work to the group in our dimly lit living room.

Sunday morning Heather and Sean were headed back to their homes on opposite coasts. We all met up in the afternoon and made a few stops at art sales and shows. We stopped for a drink at our house before grabbing dinner at a Thai restaurant. After dinner it was time to say goodbye. Rick and Scott were catching the late flight out of town (seriously one flight goes to and from Denver all day). Michael and Victoria got an early start the next morning. Eric an I returned home and tried to play catch up on real life before collapsing in a heap on the couch.

Victoria showing Elise a painting of a buffalo at a local art gallery

We had such a great weekend, connecting with old friends, talking about art, all of it was really awesome and will be something we all carry with us through life. So amazing to know Michael and Victoria!

If you are interested in Copeland's work check here.
To purchase a catalog from the show, with an essay by yours truly, click here.


Marie Roxanne said...

I like that you have such a cultured life and that you share that with your children.
I like your skirt by the way, and the red hair is a truly gorgeous shade!

Maria Rose said...

Thank you!

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