Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't Call Me Big Red

So I am a week into this business of red hair. I have had pretty much every color of hair under the sun, but for the past decade I went with my natural color. So now that I am red again I am really enjoying it, but I have noticed a few things over the course of the week:

1. I have a deep fear that people will start calling me Big Red. At just under 5'11" this is a very real possibility. My bestie is a red as well and she is a petite lady. She could be called Little Red, which would be charming. If we went out together and people referred to us as Big and Little Red that would be weird. Now I am fairly certain that, by writing this, I have sealed my fate.

2. Blondes have less fun than red heads! Fact! Red hair makes me feel like I am not about to recede into the landscape of Wyoming. I feel happy when I look in the mirror and see something different. Perhaps it is not the hair, but just the fact that I unplugged a personal blockage.

3. People assume that if one has red hair, natural or not, that it says something about their personality. I have been asked  several times if I feel that my hair matches my personality better now, and I do! I am not sure why.

4. Red hair makes dressing fun! I keep choosing outfits and colors that enhance the red. The result is that I have gotten out of a clothing funk, the kind of funk that happens each winter. 

5. I feel obligated to actually do my hair. I mean I probably spend less than three minutes styling it, but it is a vast improvement upon long vs. ponytail.


Sarah Purdy said...

I kind of love the big red/little red idea...perhaps t-shirts? How many boxes did it take, btw? You've got a lot of hair!

Marie Roxanne said...

I am also a fake red head, I'd rather be red than white... LOL
And I have no problem with anyone calling me "big red" because I am only 5 feet 1 inches tall

Maria Rose said...

It took two boxes, but I used all of it! Three probably would have been a better choice.

Michelle said...

Well, your great grandfather was a redhead and your brother is a redhead, so I think there was just a little manufacturing mistake while you were 'cooking' and you came out with the wrong color hair. You were supposed to be red all the time!

Victoria said...

I found the same things to be true when I went red! Strangers actually treated me like I would be more fun because I was a redhead!! So have more fun, people expect you to! Ha!

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