Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

So I have been harboring a little secret for the past ten days. We have been away from home. Let me share some photos from my phone to give you a little taste of where we have been.
Yep, New Mexico! We have had quite the adventure.

We need a little time to recover, but I am excited to tell you all about our travels over the next several days.

We went to New Mexico! Met up with my brother and brought him back to Wyoming with us!

Eric in Alamogordo

Cordelia using goggles for the first time.

Elise on her second trip to the ER (more on that on Monday).

Eric and the girls in Santa Fe.

Trust me, there is a lot to tell! A proposal, the most romantic wedding ever, lots of art, travel, car trouble, dear friends, family, a banjo, tons vomit, a concussion, etc...

Please stay tuned. For now I am going to take a long shower and burn all of my clothes, or just do some laundry.

I hope you are well!

1 comment:

Sarah Purdy said...

These are great photos but I can't wait to see WEDDING pics!!! AHHH!!!

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