Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To My Girls

Dear Girls,

I am writing you now, sitting in the rocking chair in your room as the two of you are on the floor pretending to camp. You sisters love each other so very much, it is just as your father and I hoped it would be---two sisters. Yesterday you each chose the other's clothes. Cordelia, you actually dressed Elise. Later the two of you laid in the grass out back, laughing and talking about whatever two and four (almost 5) year olds talk about. I sat back and watched. Seems that your father and I are doing that a lot more lately, watching  your friendship develop.

You are both such unique individuals. Cordelia you are emotional, compassionate and so very loving. Elise you are independent, loving and seem to know your own mind. You both share so many of the same traits, but I suspect that your strengths will each help the other to grow. I hope that together you will aide each other as you become the best version of yourselves. It has been our honor and joy to bear witness to this relationship.

I know you are both too young to read this, but I hope someday that you may stumble upon this letter and know that you are so very loved; always have been and always will be loved. I also want you to know that your friendship is one of your great gifts in this life. I do hope you will continue to foster it as you grow.

I love you.
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