Monday, September 8, 2014

Braille Trail

We had a lovely weekend. Did you? On Saturday we drove up into the mountains to check out the Braille Trail, a trail made especially for the visually impaired. We told the girls we were going for a little hike in the forest. Cordelia was totally in the know and happy, Elise was screaming, "We're going to the forest!" When I asked her what a forest is, she was stumped. She knew soon enough. We coasted through the trees and up into the beautiful forest that is just beyond our community. It was awesome! The girls had a blast, Eric went rogue and wandered through the hills taking photos.  We stopped by a little creek. We took our sweet time...or rather the girls took their sweet time and we were happy to watch and encourage.


elise and me


Cordelia and I

Where's Eric?


When we finished the trail we decided to continue on through the mountains, so our adventure ended up spanning much of the day and it was such a beautiful treat to explore our own backyard and take in the beauty of our state.



Marie Roxanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Did you bring a picnic lunch?

Sarah Purdy said...

Gorgeous day for a hike! Isn't that trail wonderful? It's perfect for our kiddos.

Maria Rose said...

No, we didn't bring a picnic, but we will next time!

Mom said...

I love the photos! I was also glad to see Cordelia got to wear that dress. She'd talked about it quite a few times to me Friday night.

Emily said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a gorgeous day for being outside.

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