Monday, September 29, 2014

Cordelia Turns Five

Here it is. Today she turns five. Seems like a big milestone, she is shrugging off the last bit of babyhood and taking that first bold step into full blown childhood. How did we get here? Oh my how time has flown by with this amazing little girl. And, she is so much more than a little girl. Cordelia is so very bright. She is reading and writing and making art. She is full of unbridled passion which is mostly a fantastic trait; she is learning how to make that passion work for her and trying her hardest to harness those big feelings she has.


Cordelia is so very loving. I seriously don't know a sweeter spirit. She loves very deeply and she will let you know it. Most days she tells me no fewer than 50 times how thankful she is to be my daughter or how lucky she is to have such a great family. She does this with everyone she loves! We certainly didn't train her to be this way, it's just Cordelia.

She is so funny. So funny. Her quirky sense of humor is always making us laugh. Oh, and her laugh is just this magical sound that can bring a smile to the most somber of faces.

She loves fashion and plans outfits for each and every day.

Cordelia is an amazing big sister. She always works to include Elise, holding her hand, teaching her sister. I often sit back in wonder at these two sisters and thank the heavens for this sweet bond that is developing.

Cordelia turned us into parents and every single day that has passed since the moment she has entered this world has been a gift to us. We love her completely, all that she is.Happy birthday to our big five year old!


We actually celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a party for friends. The first friends on her list were her three preschool teachers who were so very kind to show up on their day off! She also invited many friends that she has acquired over the five years she has been on this planet. Since we can never really gauge how big these things will be (one kid + parent(s) + siblings) we decided to keep it rather mellow. We put out all of the fun stuff we had and planned one organized activity. The result was no fuss and a nice fall afternoon.

 We watched as she played and enjoyed a crazy backyard party. She did manage two dresses for one party.

waiting for party
Waiting for the guests to arrive.

Eric made a sign to keep kids off of the stairs and Cordelia proudly walked each guest by the sign.

She requested a purple cake and I was happy to oblige.

blowing out candle
Blowing out her candle

cutting cake
Cutting the cake


Sarah is awesome and the world should know this.

Cordelia with the pinata.

elise pinata
Elise taking a whack at the pinata.

laura and dad
My father and our good friend/super amazing human/ borrowed sister Laura.

mom and elise
My mother and Elise. My mom helped with Elise for the whole party, so I could hostess more easily...not that she had a choice, Elise (and Cordelia) adores my mother!


dad with the girls
My dad with the girls. He is an amazing grandfather.

cordelia and sadie
Cordelia and  Sadie

Later today the family will be over to celebrate with her favorite meal vegan pigs in a blanket. Should be a fantastic day for a wonderful girl.


Sarah Purdy said...

Oh happy day!! Love the photos!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a great day! Cordelia definitely deserved it. Happy birthday to her!

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