Monday, October 6, 2014

Life List

 fall 2013

I have never seen the movie The Bucket List. I probably never will. I am sure it is a great movie, but let's just say it isn't on my bucket list (see what I did there?!). Obviously I know that at some point in the movie (book too?) the character or characters developed a list of life goals. I think on some level this is something we all do over the course of our lives, revising it as we mature and grow. We may not always put pen to paper or blog to internet, but the list is there. I thought today, in an effort to focus my energy, I would put it out there, a list of thirty things to do over the course of my lifetime. Hopefully I will be able to cross as least one off each year until I am through with it and can start a new list.

1. Travel to Europe again, it has been far too long.
2. Become fluent in French. I am proficient, but that is not enough.
3. Learn how to blow glass because it seems kind of magical.
4. Volunteer and/or train at Best Friends. I have donated there, but I certainly want to do more...a lot more.
5. Spend at least one year living in another country. I want to really immerse myself in a different culture and it seems that living there is the only way to accomplish that goal.
6. Live in a home with some land, meaning a little space for our family.
7. Adopt a gentle donkey.
8. Visit my friend Jennifer in Australia with my family and my mother (don't worry Jennifer we can get a hotel room when the time comes).
9. Pay off all debt: house, student loans, car. FREEDOM!
10. Have a big exhibit of my work. I am not really sure what my dream is here so it will take a little development.
11.Visit Russia.
12. Long term art residency.
13. See Michelangelo's David in person. That was the piece that changed everything for me.
14. See a manatee in the wild. I know it has become something of a joke, but I sincerely adore manatees and I would love to cuddle one and since that is frowned upon and punishable I will be more than content with viewing them in the wild.
15. Visit Japan.
16. Learn to sew well. I can sew a [mostly] straight line, but I want to be able to bang out a cool dress and some clothes for my kids. I don't need to be amazing, just proficient. 17. Show my work internationally, on a bigger scale than I have already done..
18. Publish the few books I have written/am writing.
19. Learn to sculpt marble. Bonus points for mastery...
20. Visit China.

Now, I could easily make this list much longer and if I wrote it another day the list wold be different, but those are some items that have long been on my list. What is on your list?


Sarah Purdy said...

1. Learn to read Hebrew
2. Learn to speak Hebrew
3. Take my family to Israel
4. Dream trip: Following the route Paul Theroux writes about in Pillars of Hercules (around the Mediterranean)
5. Cruise the entire Danube
6. Go back to Croatia
7. Finish Anna Karenina
8. Learn to speak Spanish
9. Learn to crochet
10. Master sewing
11. Make incredible sewing and/or crochet projects.
12. Heck, finish ANY project
13. Travel by train through Russia and Asia
14. Hike to Everest base camp
16. Retire when I'm young enough (and rich enough) to GO ALL PLACES!

Mom said...

Right now mine is the same as Sarah's #12!

Also, may I take Dad with me to Australia please? Jennifer, we'd definitely get a hotel room...and we need to visit your parents!

Anonymous said...

My list:
1. Finish building my bed from IKEA, it's only half done! (P.S. I got the thing in February!)
2. Make a schedule for work and art/craft projects
3. Make a budget (money seems to escape my pockets when I am not looking)
4. Would love to go to Japan also, I love their simplistic style homes
5. Sew and make all my own clothes.

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