Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Decorating

Yesterday it was time to decorate. I knew that it was time because Cordelia asked me if it was time to decorate about a zillion times over the past few days. Eric went under the house where we keep all of our Christmas stuff and lugged out our boxes and bags. We carried everything up to the living room and the girls helped me unpack by taking things out and dropping them on the floor or trailing them about the room. We assessed the goodies and immediately decided against anything breakable as we know that Lucy, our six month old kitten, will be difficult. Eric put up our plastic tree and the girls got to work hanging the ornaments. Both girls were able to hang the ornaments on their own this year so it was a bit more fun for all. I let them do their thing and then went in, after they had moved on, and arranged the ornaments so that the whole tree, instead of the bottom third, was covered.

Here I am in front of the tree, totally casual.

snow globes
The girls with the snow globes. We have a couple of these and apparently it is a thing we do now.

 eric and the girls
Eric and the girls.

Christmas music
We listened to John Denver and the Muppets as is our tradition, but Eric added another gem into the Christmas music mix. He found this Star Wars Christmas album at a thrift store over the summer; it was pretty awesome.

Lucy began a careful exploration, but it escalated quickly. She is now using it as her personal jungle gym and carrying ornaments away like a lioness after the hunt.

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014
Helping with the lights.

Cordelia was happiest of all. She is very into Christmas and walked around the house afterwards saying, "I jut love this time of year."

Christmas 2014
The girls also took many dance breaks.

So very intense.


Sarah Purdy said...

#teamWphotobomb #freshdyesonice #isitreallybonjovi #catsintrees #catTreetagious #scatcat #cattyclaws #LucyintheTreewithTinsel #Treemendous #cattastic #Catsletoe

Mom said...

I love these photos. Star Wars sounds like the perfect addition. Round #2 on Sunday?

Victoria said...

Christmas is so much fun with children in the house. Hey, what is that I spy behind the sofa?!!! Nice.
...enjoyed your #'s Sarah Purdy! #missinggirlfriends

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