Monday, December 29, 2014

Quiet Days

The snow started falling sometime in the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Perfectly timed, the snow was like something from a Christmas tale. The snow fell all day on Christmas and it has continued to fall off and on for the past several days. I have shoveled the walk only to have it drift back over. We decided to just hunker down for the holiday weekend. I made a couple of supply runs, but the girls stayed in their pajamas from Thursday until Sunday. I did regularly bathe them and put them in fresh pajamas, but they were more than happy to just be home, playing together.

We left on Sunday for a bit, but now we are settled back at home. Eric has work, but the snow has started to fall again and it is cold outside. I think the girls and I will enjoy another day or two at home.


I have made some blueberry bran muffins from my new cookbook, a Christmas gift from Eric. I have done a little reading, writing, working, painting. It has been nice and mellow.


The snow is deep enough that the dogs have made a few trails and they don't want to linger outside long.

Elise, Cordelia, Betty

Mostly though the girls have just been playing and playing. We have read many a library book this morning.

 Cordelia and Elise

We are in a great new era of their friendship and independence. Eric and I can interact with them, but often we just sit back and watch in wonder at these two sisters. 

Elise and Cordelia

I am really enjoying this quiet break from the constant buzz of daily life. Soon enough it will be back to deadlines, preschool, lessons, lectures, exhibits, etc. For now though, we are delighted for a little calm and quiet.


Mom said...

I loved those days on the farm when you were little and we stayed in for days. Enjoy!

Sarah Purdy said...

Winter is a time for hibernation, indeed.

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