Monday, January 26, 2015

Elise's Gym Jam

Elise had her first dance class for the two year old kids, called Gym Jam. There was a sub for the first day so we don't really know what class will be like, but this week they focused on tumbling.

Elise dance class
Here is that sweet photo again as promised.

Elise was a little shy at first, but soon warmed up and was really excited to get out there and go for it, she is a brave girl.

Elise dance class

All of the mothers stayed with their children to help them keep their focus. There were about 6 kids with varying degrees of development.

Elise dance class

Elise dance class

Elise watched carefully as the teacher and any children before her tried a task and she was quick to pick things up. By the end of class she was somersaulting forwards and backwards, hopping, doing assisted head stands, walking the balance beam, and running an obstacle course. I felt a bit like a dog trainer, telling her to jump through the hoops and stuff, but she really had a blast.

Elise dance class

When Eric and Cordelia arrived near the end of class Elise really opened up, proud to show off for them. Her favorite part of the class was most definitely the balance beam. She really had remarkable balance (not from my genes) and kind of flew past the other kids who were really struggling. It was an absolutely sweet experience and I look forward to our next Thursday class.


Anne Mason-Jezek said...

That face! Love it! What a great gift from your parents. Can't wait to see their new dance moves in July. :)

RunwithSticks said...

So great :) That first photo is so sweet!

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