Monday, January 12, 2015

Two and a Half

Saturday was Elise's half birthday. Our family started celebrating half birthdays when Cordelia was this age. Mostly it is just a way to turn an average day into something a bit more special. We don't do presents or anything. I simply make a round cake, cut it in half and stack the layers with frosting in between. The result is half of a two layer cake. 

Oh, I also put in the candles with one pressed halfway down.

Then we sing happy half birthday.

We admire the cake for a moment.

Elise shared the candle blowing experience with her big sister.

Then Elise proceeded to eat only the frosting.

A little update on Elise and where she is developmentally.

She has been completely and reliably potty trained for a long time now. She was by her second birthday, but she is a real pro now. I can't even recall the last time she had an accident.

She loves music and dancing. She will invent her own songs and run around dancing on most days. She knows the words to the entire Frozen soundtrack by heart.

Elise and Cordelia play like the close friends they are. Elise is happy to follow Cordelia's lead, because Cordelia has such great ideas, but she is also very confident and independent. Girl knows what she wants.

Elise is speaking so well. She talks constantly. We are still in a place where Eric, Cordelia and I have to interpret a few words for her around strangers. Mostly because she has often adds an "ay" to the end of words that normally have an "er." For instance she pronounces sucker as suckay or locker would be lockay. It is cute, but something that will soon be a distant memory.

Elise has quite the sense of humor. 

She is loving and affectionate.

Oh and she is sleeping through the night in her own bed.

We are so very thankful for the past two and a half years with this girl.

Happy half birthday Elise!


Anne Jezek said...

Happy (gulp) 2 1/2 Birthday Elise!! Not sure where the time has gone, but, boy, are we sure glad you're here! Can't wait to see you right before your third birthday!!

Stacy said...

Sweetness!! I love the last photo. I can't believe she is 2 1/2 though!! How did that happen?

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