Saturday, February 28, 2015

Date Night

Last night was kind of a work night/ date night. Eric had his opening reception and lecture for his installation (I will give you the full run down when Eric takes photos). We showed up a bit early and the place was empty so we thought it might be a no show event. We were wrong. 

People began to file in and soon enough there was quite the crowd assembled in front of the gallery.

Eric before his lecture, just being a serious artist. We wandered around the gallery as Eric inspected all of the elements to make sure that everything was in order and ready for the show.

Keeping it casual and classy in between skulls and a bathtub full of fake blood. 

Skulls, a pile of thirty and fifteen jawbones.

Giving his lecture to a big crowd. He really did well, explaining a very broad concept.

After Eric's lecture we got to enjoy a piano concert. His exhibition is part of the larger Humanities Festival, so there have been a lot of events lately---it's wonderful! We really enjoyed the concert.

After the concert we went with some friends to a local distillery that was surprisingly awesome.

The vodka distillery serves vodka drinks and I am a lightweight so I just had about a third of a Moscow Mule. It was good, but the ginger flavor was not my favorite.

When it was time to head home we said goodbye to our friends and hit the road. It was such a lovely evening out and it was so relaxing to know our girls were safe and happy at home with my mother.

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Sarah Purdy said...

Yay! Glad his opening was a success! And I'm super glad you guys finally made it to the tasting room. Isn't it so cool?! Next time, try the "Big Top"- it's super delicious (and doesn't have ginger). Their apple cider punch is also really delicious.

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