Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not Time for Tulips

My mother sent me a picture of the irises that are starting to push their way up through the soil in her yard. I went out front and could see that my tulips are also eagerly beginning to grow. It isn't unusual for tulips to bloom through a snowy yard, but it is still a bit early for that kind of thing.

We have had a pretty mild winter, but there are still cold days ahead. 

I feel a bit like the tulips though; if I go through the motions of spring then maybe it will come a bit early. Eric and I are talking a lot about meals on the back porch and keeping windows open. 

We aren't there yet. We are in the winding down of winter. Snow days are fewer and farther between. Soon enough the warmer days will outnumber the cold days. Then I can start seedlings and let the girls out back to play away the day while I work in the soil.

For now though I am content to look at seed catalogues as I sip on hot tea.

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