Monday, March 16, 2015

One to Remember

Remember that week when Eric went to LA for his film premier and everything went crazy? Oh yes, I certainly do remember because it just happened. Let me fill you in....

So things were going normally for the first  few days that Eric was out of town. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful. Friday night my mother had planned to stay the night for a fun slumber party and then help with kids while I gave my Saturday art lessons. We had a fun Friday evening. We had dinner, took the girls to the park and the dogs for a walk. My mother put the girls to bed while I took a bath and then we chatted until it was time to go to bed. I lay my head down on my pillow and drifted off. 

Less than an hour later Elise woke up crying. I got her back to sleep and was just drifting off when she woke up again, needing to go the bathroom. I noticed she was a bit warm, but only her legs so I shrugged it off and put her back to bed. Just as I was drifting off she called again. I was starting to feel annoyed, when I walked into their room to discover...lots and lots of puke. Poor girl. So it was a midnight clean up. I had to wash her hair and clothes and bed and floor and myself. She definitely had a fever by then. So I gave her some meds and brought her to my bed. She was sick all night and into the morning.

Thankfully my mother was there to help. She continued to decline all day Saturday to the point that by Saturday night we found ourselves in the ER, but not before puking in the car. My awesome mother stayed home and put Cordelia  to bed. 

Elise was given an IV and some meds that took her from dehydrated and feverish to chatty and happy, at least temporarily. The hospital staff was super great, giving Elise special treatment. A security guard even brought her a Popsicle.

So we went home and got a little rest. She woke up the Sunday morning, still feverish and sick and miserable. My amazing mother took Cordelia to church with her while I stayed home and snuggled with Elise.

I also want to mention that poor Eric was just worried and miserable to be away from his sick girls. We kept in constant contact so he could be as informed as possible.

Anyway, later Sunday morning I received a text from my mother that she and Cordelia were coming home sooner than  expected. She said Cordelia wanted to tell me what had happened... So I waited. They returned home a short while later and Cordelia lifted her shirt to reveal hives. She was having an allergic reaction to the meds she was taking for an ear infection. It was almost funny at that point.

I had to send Eric an update, just as he was preparing to catch his flight home. 

I sent my mother home when things were under control. The girls and I spent the rest of the day muddling through all of the sick. Elise began to feel a bit better towards bedtime. I put them both to sleep feeling hopeful that the worst was over.

Eric returned home about an hour later and we had dinner, caught up and just sort of laughed it off.

This morning we woke up and Cordelia's hives were worse, but we are working through that and have a check up with the doctor later today. Elise is past the fever, just working through the last of the illness and staying hydrated. 

It was an intense weekend, but honestly I just feel so very thankful. I had so many friends checking in and offering to help. My mother was beyond helpful. I knew that, while it was difficult to watch my girls go through something unpleasant, the girls were going to be OK.

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Emily said...

It's hard to see little ones so sick and uncomfortable. But, I know you stayed calm, powered through and had such good help too! Glad they are on the mend!

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