Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Bumblebee is generally the dominate dog in our house. She is older, she was here first, works just fine---mostly because Betty is a weirdo and has almost no concept of dominance. Betty would rather focus her effort on finding a way to be cozy.

Something weird has happened lately. Generally when I feed the dogs Betty sits in front of her dish while Bumblebee eats. When Bumblebee is done she watches Betty eat. Then they both inspect the other's bowl. Recently though Betty has decided to just sit in front of her full bowl for ages, emitting a low growl (that has no real threat behind it) when Bumblebee goes in for an approach. So the view is Betty sitting in front of her bowl, Bumblebee staring and drooling. Yesterday she did this for three hours. I know this because I put food on the floor, left for three hours, and came back to the exact same scene. Finally  Betty ate her breakfast.

This morning Eric fed the dogs and Bumblebee decided that two could play that game. Eric texted me a photo of this.

Bumblebee on the left, waiting. Betty on the right, did I mention that she is so lazy that she eats laying down? Anyway, it was a standoff. 

I returned home to find them both a few feet back staring at full bowls.

I was about to just take the bowls away and let them try again at dinner, when they switched bowls and each scarfed the other's food.

In a stunning move Betty even ate her food standing up, for at least a minute of her meal.

Meanwhile Lucy took full advantage of empty dog beds.


Anne Mason-Jezek said...

Dogs are silly creatures...that's why we love them, right?!

Nicole @ GolightlyPlace said...

Lol! Your dogs are FUNNY! Isn't it odd how they get into new and weird routines? I can't believe they sat for so long though. Maybe they should eat in different rooms? :)

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