Monday, August 17, 2015

Tea Party

I remember being young and complaining of boredom. I am not really sure what that was all about considering that I cannot even fathom being bored now. I have a lot going on and if I happen to have some down time I am thrilled to have a moment of quiet or calm. I also remember my mother being, not annoyed, indifferent to my claims of boredom. She would just tell me about various chores I could do, then I would magically find some way to entertain myself. Now that I am on the other side her strategy is clear.

Yesterday the girls were bored and had resorted to annoying each other for entertainment. I used tactic one, clean-up chores. Together we put away dolls and ponies (so many ponies) and dress up clothes and blankets leftover from an earlier blanket fort. They worked as hard as you can expect an almost six year old and a three year old to work. Then they were bored again. 

So we made bon-bons by pureeing dates with a little nut butter, rolling into balls, chilling and then dipping into melted chocolate. While those were chilling in the freezer we set up a tea party. The girls decided that they were both bees (out come the bee costumes) named Daisy. Cordelia was a bee who was clumsy and had never been to a tea party. Elise insisted she was simply a regular normal bee. She wanted nothing to do with a back story.

Instead of tea we opted for lemonade. We set up Cordelia's tea set and brought out the chilled bon-bons. Our party was held on the back patio. They both love pouring tea from the tea pot and pretending that they have good manners. 

We spent a good hour talking and pretending. I sketched a bit. Cordelia serenaded us with a mini microphone. It was good and nobody was bored. Their tea party transitioned to play and all was good.


Roxanne Veinotte said...

Lots to do but bored... yep I can relate.
Now and when I was a kid...
Love Cordelia's tea set.

Sarah Purdy said...

"Pretending they had good manners." Haha! So sweet! Those bon bons look yummy!

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