Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Business Meeting

My friend Laura and I are both busy mothers. She works full time and I suppose I do too between colleges, lessons, classes, and art. Anyway, it can be challenging for us to find time to hang out when we are pulled in so many directions. This is true with most relationships. I think it just takes a mindful effort to just make time for the relationships in our lives. 

When Laura and I were able to set a time to meet we didn't want to waste our time with the same-o lame-o stuff. I am not quite sure how the idea developed, but we decided to dress like 80s professional business women and have a drink at a hotel. Obviously. 

We spent the days before our meeting sending texts of great outfits and makeup ideas. You know, just building up momentum. We individually hunted for outfits at thrift stores. My ensemble cost a whopping $3.98 and included a dress, earrings, authentic lace pantyhose, and a velvet purse.

Eric dug out a Walkman and a Bruce Willis tape (he released an album FYI).

I curled and sprayed and caked on the blush. Cordelia followed me the whole time. She wanted to know why I would do such a thing. I told her that it was just something I needed to do. She understands the power of dress up on a near spiritual level. 

Then Eric had me pose in front of the garage with my headphones.

Then I drove over to the Ramada to meet with Laura.

Neither of us planned to have characters, but we fell into a natural groove discussing business and mergers. We amused ourselves. Our outfits lent themselves to roles. Laura as senior business partner and me as the upstart junior partner. Lest you think that we were putting on a show for other people  let me assure you that the Ramada at early evening on a Monday is pretty quiet. We also went and sat in the atrium, so we were basically alone. It was fun and hilarious.

It was just a really fun break from reality. I think we probably have a new tradition.


Mom said...

You are so good at making those mindful efforts and we all appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

$3.98 for a whole outfit? I want to go that store! LOL
I like your outfits! Glad you had fun!

Elissa Rosin said...

dah! that is so stinkin cool! i've been lurking for so long. so many great posts... i've failed to leave a comment on. you often bring a smile to my face and my 3 kiddos. carry on!

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Elissa!

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