Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Spew into this

Last night Cordelia had pink cheeks, a flush that usually means illness. I warned Eric to brace for a sick kid in the night. Nothing happened all night and Eric got up with the girls around 6:30, letting me sleep a bit longer (yeah, my husband is rad). I was in the middle of a dream about dogs and cell phones and a canal when I was pulled back to reality by the farmiliar sound of retching. All parents know this sound. I assumed Cordelia had indeed become ill and I hopped out of bed to help Eric with the situation.

I stepped into my slippers. The girls call them my elk slippers and I have no clue why. I tossed on my sweater (because I cannot handle puke while chilly) and I was in the living room in a flash. I looked at Cordelia who seemed totally fine. Perhaps I had been wrong and the retching was part of my dream...then I heard more. Elise, puking into a cup....think Wayne's World,"If you're gonna spew, spew into this." I guess a cup was the nearest option. 

I hopped into action. Eric and I combined our parenting powers like Voltron and assembled ourselves into a vomit catching and cleaning force to be reckoned with. Within moments all was clean and Elise was wearing clean clothes. I would have high fived Eric, but we both probably needed a good hand washing.

A few more pukes and she is now basically empty. Cordelia shared her most prized possession, Fluff a stuffed dog who will be fully sanitized at some point (not like the Velveteen Rabbit in the scarlet fever burn pile sanitized, just put through the wash). Looks like a great day to sit on the couch, read books and watch movies. Just as well, the roadway in our neighborhood is 100% crazy, a gauntlet of solid ice---best to stay home anyway.

Hopefully Elise will rally. Stomach bugs tend  to hit hard and move on quickly. So fingers crossed that this one gets the boot and doesn't linger at our house.


Roxanne Veinotte said...

Feel well Elise! I hope it goes away soon! Not fun being sick.
Hand five to the mom and dad... I hate cleaning puke too!

Mom said...

Oh, I love that sweet little girl. I hate when she is sick.

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