Monday, January 11, 2016

Project: Vintage Wall paper Coasters

We recently got a new coffee table in an epic art trade. Artists love to make trades...or at least these artists love to make trades! Anyway our new coffee table reminded us that we were in need of coasters. We went looking online, but all of the coasters we liked were like $20-$1billion. Since we are penny pinchers I decided a DIY was in store. I made six coasters for about $4...just the cost of the boards as I had the other supplies on hand. I was happy that I was able to make something that exactly fit our tastes. You too can make your own customized coasters and I can tell you how. 

• 4.5x4.5 inch pine board, .25 inch thick
• Adhesive that dries clear
• Sandpaper
• vintage wallpaper or really any paper of your choosing. Enough to cover the tops of your board.
• scissors
• clear coat


1) Start with a square of wood. I left mine raw, but you could paint these boards before you begin working. 

2) Grab your roll of vintage wallpaper and lay it face down on your work surface. I have a ton of vintage wallpaper so that is what I used, but you can use any heavy weight paper you like.

Trace each square onto the backside of the paper with a pencil and then cut out along pencil lines.

3) Paint one side with an adhesive of your choosing. I don't like to give a brand, just use what you've already got on hand, something with a strong bond.

4) Lay your square of wallpaper on top of the wet board and carefully, but firmly, make sure it is all smooth. Let dry.

5) Next use sandpaper to go around the edges smoothing and kind of wearing the edges of the wallpaper, make sure to use a downward motion so you don't tear the paper up and off. I also rubbed the board to ensure there were no rough edges to give splinters or scratch surfaces.

6) Finally you will seal the whole coaster with a clear coat to ensure that it is waterproof. Anything you have will work as long as it doesn't have a tacky finish when dry.

Done deal.

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