Thursday, August 25, 2016


We first noticed our towel situation several years ago. Our towels reflect us pretty obviously, a boiled down version of our relationship...together and very similar, yet very different.

If you have been reading for long and/or you know us personally, then you already know that the tidy towel is Eric's and the shoved in towel is mine. Eric is orderly and systematic in his approach to...all things. He researches thoroughly and considers all perspectives. His towel is tidy, evenly folded, hangs evenly. If you look carefully my towel was folded first, then shoved in haphazardly. That is basically me, scattered and trying to fit into an orderly world...and generally not succeeding at hiding my nature.

This works for us. Eric needs me to loosen him up around the edges and I need him to remind me that order has value too. 

We decided that if, after our death, one can come back and haunt the other we will definitely communicate in towels. As Eric said,"It would be our Ghost [the movie] moment." So Eric! He is already planning our afterlife. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At least your towel is hung up, not on the floor... Yes?

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