Monday, March 19, 2018

Down Time

It is three in the afternoon and this is the first moment of down time I have had today. I woke up early to take the crew to pick up a rental car while ours is in the shop (someone hit us a few weeks back). Then I had some work at the college, followed by breakfast and homeschool and a video chats with my brother and niece. We just finished up with school for the day.I am sprawled on the couch, basset hounds at my feet, thin mint cookie in my hand. Cordelia is crafting and Elise is doing something with a bowl of water and a Princess Leia doll. I have things I could be doing too. I have some work at the college and university that will need attention. I have so many paintings to complete. I could be packing or cleaning or any number of other things, but I am going to sit here for thirty minutes and accomplish nothing.

Well, I am going to accomplish a whole lot. I am giving myself some attention, some care. I need a moment. It has been an exhausting year and I need these small moments to refill my tank. I need some big moments too, but for now the small moments are good. My friend Sarah keeps reminding me that it is important to take care of myself. So I am. 

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