Monday, June 22, 2009


Today is my brother Ben's birthday. Here are 24 reasons that I celebrate my brother today.

24. He loves a toy poodle. I think it takes a special man to truly love a toy poodle. Bonus fact the poodle is named Coco.

23. He is a new husband and I am certain that he is doing an amazing job as a friend and spouse to his lovely new wife.

22. He let me pretend to be his second mother throughout our childhood. Sam did that too, it was nice of them.

21. When we were little he would join me in writing and performing shows for our parents.

20. He likes a good debate. I find this to be both maddening and endearing.

19. He has a good heart, whether he admits it or not.

18. He moved to the same town as our Grandmother and he and Sara make it a point to be close to her.

17. Even though we are separated by a great distance (and I really miss him) he makes it a point to call regularly and just to keep connected.

16. He just bought his first home. He's got it together.

15. He is really good at his job, like really good.

14. He's funny.

13. He once bought a machete (much to my horror) and had a friend throw fruit at him while he sliced it midair, it was pretty funny.

12. He knows how to have fun, uncomplicated fun.

11. He gets the worst/best gifts. Seriously, he got me this.

10. When he was little he wanted to stay at home forever and adopt tons of children. While the plans have changed, he's always that kid.

9. He used to ask my opinion about whether I thought certain things were cool. How I miss those days.

8.He eats more food than any human should.

7. He pushes himself to succeed and he does.

6. After years of taunting (gently) me about veganism he is now vegetarian.

5. He is one of the two people (my Dad too) who can tease me about my big fat (pregnant) belly.

4. He is incredibly loyal. I admire that deeply.

3. He is impulsive. He gets crazy ideas, like, I'll canoe across this lake even though it's several miles wide and I'm not experienced as a canoer (canoeist?). Sometimes this makes me nearly vomit with worry (it's my nature), but nobody can say that he doesn't live his life.

2. He makes really funny mixed CDs.

1. He's one of my best friends.


Stacy said...

Happy birthday Ben!

Chrissy said...

What a sweet tribute to your brother!.. HB, Ben!....

Robin said...

Happy Birthday to Ben. M.R.- You (and Ben) are so lucky to have each other as siblings!

Emily said...

What a sweet way to celebrate your brother's b-day. It sounds like you guys have a terrific relationship!

the dwellers said...

We had the pleasure of having Thanksgiving brunch with your brother Ben... please tell him that we say hello and happy birthday.

E.K. said...

And he plays tennis with your husband like it's nobody's business.

Elizabeth said...

the machete made me laugh out loud. :) i often smile or laugh out loud when i read your posts.

the kitty in the sunshine made me smile yesterday. i am that kitty. most of the time you can find me wherever the sun or the most natural light is.

and it is so fun to see bits of how you are settling into your new place. i have recently been adding some more color around my home, too. and lots of fresh cut flowers right now - from my garden and my mom's and some neighbors. oh! i love summer flowers!

i love that you are enjoying being at home. you'll have so much fun when your babe arrives! being home with a brand new baby - nothing better!

have a lovely day, maria!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved the relationship you have with each of your brothers. Some older sisters leave home and never look back but you made every effort to help insure that your brothers did not stray far from your heart.

I love that you so appreciate all that is unique and precious about Benj. You said it all so well.


AKM said...

Really good brothers are such a gift, aren't they? I have one, too! (And, lucky girl, you have two!)

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