Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Embarrassing Moments


Do you know what people say when you do something really embarrassing? They say, "No one will even remember it next week." Well, that is a lie. Don't believe me? Just ask your spouse or best friend what they think was your most embarrassing moment. They will rattle off a long list of moments that you may have forgotten. I did that last night and Eric easily rattled off a list of glorious moments like..
  • Jumping off the diving board. Not one particular moment, just generally.
  • That time I was 8 months pregnant and cut the cheese in Target.
  • The time I was feeling super hot and fell, once again in Target.
  • My seventh grade yearbook photo...that's a story for another day.
  • My entire junior high basketball career.
  • The time I fell flat on my face in front of my dorm.
Well, I do in fact have a very long list of embarrassing moments and those listed above don't even scratch the surface. The thing is I am not really embarrassed by them anymore. More than anything I am happy to have been in those ridiculous situations, making myself and others laugh for years to come. I don't know about you, but I think I am far more defined by my most ridiculous moments than my most graceful, but maybe that's just because the embarrassing moments are in far greater supply.

What are some of your most embarrassing moments?


Emily said...

Oh man! Those are funny. I'll have to ask Mike what mine would be. Probably he would say that anytime I try to retell a funny story, it never comes out right and always falls flat. Our joke is that I need comedy lessons.

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

The summer between 7th and 8th grade I REALLY liked this totally "cool" guy...I saw him at the pool (he was a real swimmer on a team and stuff and I just splashed around with my friends) and I had just gotten an Orange Crush. I was holding it, casually leaning on the wall, too look cool. He came up and started talking to me...I totally freaked and dropped (half-way threw) the Orange Crush all over him, myself and the lobby...I was mortified. Hilarious now...but social death at the time. :)

Michelle said...

Well, considering I'm constantly saying and doing things that are highly embarrassing - I'm not sure I could pick any specifically to share. But I definitely feel my life is more defined by these then by any rare "graceful" or even tactful moment I have have accidentally had! :D

elisa said...

So many embarrassing moments to choose from! Well, there was that time I fell in the middle of campus pedestrian rush hour. Or that time in 5th grade I was trying to look cool in front of my crush and managed to get ketchup all over my pants. Or the time my bra snapped open in the middle of a check out line, where I was surrounded and had no where to hide. :D hahaha Good times...

Robin said...

Oh, come on! I loved your yearbook photo! ;)

Hmmm.. one of mine. When Ramiro (Meato-remember him?) tripped me by Mr. G's room and everybody laughed at how hard I fell. At least he helped me up and said sorry.

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