Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dam Lake

OK so I couldn't resist with my title, you'll understand in a moment. Yesterday Eric and I decided to take the family out of town for a quick trip. We've been talking about a vacation and since that isn't in the books right now we decided to take a little 1/2 day trip and explore our new(ish) home of Wyoming.

We loaded up Bumblebee and Cordelia into the car. Bumblebee immediately started her obsessive car whining, not fun, and it set a bad tone for the drive. Let me give you a little more info about Bee's obsessive whining...she does a high pitched nasal whine that increases in fervor and intensity and it can go on indefinitely. So, we put her gentle leader on her. She sulks when we do that and it makes the trip much more silent.

We went to a nearby lake with a dam (hence the blog title). Actually there are a bunch of dams and a couple of lakes, linked together by a river.


The real beauty was a canyon with a river at the bottom.


The water has a greenish bluish hue from whatever minerals have been traveling this route for who knows how many eons. Whenever I see canyons like this I always try to imagine how it must have started off as just a small trickle through the brush and over time it grew into a thundering canyon.


Eric took a look over the edge. I did too, but I am terrified of heights. I always feel that I might have some sort of lapse in sanity and jump. Not that I've ever had a lapse in sanity, but it seems that one be a bad place to start having them. Not to worry, Bumblebee and Cordelia were kept safely away from the edge.


We got out to the lake and it was frozen and so beautiful. I could see the mountains in the distance, darkened by a swiftly approaching storm. It was really amazing to see.

We also ran into a strange man, a groundskeeper or something of that nature. He and a few other men were all hanging out near the dam. He approached our car, as people in WY are apt to do. The man was friendly enough, but a little weird. He wanted to talk to us about Bumblebee and how to properly discipline a dog. We assured him that we were well read in dog obedience...we left out the part about how Bumblebee obsessively whines in the car (or jumps on visitors). Then he asked if we needed a babysitter for Cordelia. This made us a bit uncomfortable, but then he explained that a family member of his runs a daycare in town. Eric and I were a little uncomfortable, but tried to be friendly. We've still got a bit of the city in us, we aren't quite sure how to deal with strangers.

After that encounter and another long look at the gorgeous scenery we decided to head home. Cordelia was cooing and playing with toys in the backseat and Bumblebee was silently gazing out the window. We took the winding road back to the highway just as the first flakes began to fall on the frozen lake. It was quiet, strange and gorgeous.


affectioknit said...

What a beautiful day!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a lovely day trip! I'm with you, I get sketched out by too friendly people. City living will do that to you. :-)

Pam Brewer said...

I miss Wyoming!

Anonymous said...

Well, Pam, you are welcome to come back! Sue

Jenny said...

That sounds like fun. The scenery is gorgeous!

Annie said...

Gorgeous scenery!

Sarah Kramer said...

Wow. Beautiful!!

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