Sunday, March 7, 2010

Triumphant Return From the Mile High City

We just got back from a quick weekend jaunt to the Mile High City, otherwise known as Denver. We went for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:
  • School (Boo)
  • Visiting friends
  • Stocking up on vegan goodies
  • Coast Guard business (more on that in a moment)
  • Record shopping (unsuccessful)
Eric adn Cordelia
We drove down on Thursday afternoon. Cordelia slept the entire way. It was like a tiny miracle. When she woke up as we were getting into town she was laughing...not sure what she was laughing at. We got to our hotel room and called it a night; we're new parents we get to do that you know.

Friday morning Eric was at the school and I visited my friends and co-workers from a previous job. I mostly just showed off my little lady, didn't get much opportunity to visit as it was rushed, but it was nice to see the old gang.

Petra and Cordy
Friday afternoon we visited a college friend, Petra. She made us a delicious lunch. She has this great ability to make wonderful meals from simple ingredients, YUM! We caught up, played with Cordelia and walked to the nearby record shop.

I should mention that Bumblebee came with us, but she spent the day at her old dog daycare. When we finally picked her up she was beyond exhausted. She had played her little heart out.

Saturday morning we went shopping, buying things like seitan, vegan soaps and shampoos, tvp and other vegan goodies. I will say that I really miss vegan shopping in the's more challenging in Wyoming.

Then Eric went off to a boat show to represent for the Coast Guard. Oh yes, I should probably mention that Eric joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary. It's the civilian branch of the Coast Guard. Yes, they are in WY. Eric joined to do search and rescue and patrols, but this day was all about teaching the youngsters.

Cordy and I
When Eric was done with that we made one more stop at Whole Foods. Our hearts were the teaniest bit heavy when we were talking to the store clerks who were all vegan..we're a bit veg isolated here in WY. We ate a lovely lunch and headed home.

Cordy driving
Cordelia drove...she's extremely advanced.

When we got back we unloaded and did laundry. Bumblebee passed out.


The cats missed us a little. We hope.


Chrissy said...

At our Whole Foods I don'think anyone is vegan or even remotely close to being health minded... I remember one time seeing the help on break and most were smoking or brining in Panda Express for lunch! lol....btw your cats are beautiful...

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

We love to go to the "big cities" and shop...we are like little kids in a candy store...whole foods makes me all giddy inside. :) Glad you guys had fun...and since Cordelia is driving already, just let her borrow the car and send her our way. :) Love, love, love that picture!

sophie said...

what an awesome trip - I love venturing into Sydney down town (only a 45 minute trip mind you) I get exhilarated from the movement, sounds and general business of the place!

just found this recipe, looks so cool:

affectioknit said...

I can definitely relate to the shopping for vegan food in any city you happen to be in...
...with Scout's orthodontia - we'll probably be in the city more frequently...

Emily said...

Looks like a fun trip! We don't have a Whole Foods here, but there is a big movement to try to bring one here. We would love it!

Stacy said...

Aww, sounds like you had a good time. And wow on Cordelia driving... think, you and Eric can nap in the car now.

AKM said...

I've never been to Whole Foods, even though we do have them in St. Louis. (I think I'm afraid of the cost, i.e. "Whole Paycheck.") Now, I ADORE Trader Joe's, and I desperately wish we had one on this side of the river (in IL).

Sounds like a good, fun trip! Glad you made it back safe and sanitary. ;-)

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