Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Heart Wants What It Wants

The heart wants what it wants and sometimes it wants to be weird. Yesterday at lunch was the perfect example. Cordelia enjoyed a mashed banana/pickle combo. I mean she really enjoyed the combo, she pretty much just zoned out for about half an hour. You can see...a child after my own, pickle loving, heart.

pickle 3
She has the pickle, ready for a taste.

pickle 2
Entering the pickle trance, a place I've been many times before.

pickle 3
In the pickle zone, nothing else exists beyond the pickle.

I needed a glass of pink lemonade. Seriously needed it, I couldn't pour it fast enough. I am crazy about the stuff this time of year.

Pink lemonade, enough said.

I usually try to have pretty decent meals, but sometimes I need a weird combo. For instance I used to mash up crackers and mix them with mustard. Yesterday I was inspired to make a wrap with vegan mayo, mustard, chopped pickles, chopped green olives and chopped veggie chick patties. I would not recommend this to the average foodie, but yesterday it hit the spot.

My wrap, Meg.

I was so pleased with myself that I made a little face and named the wrap Meg. Then I joined Cordelia in what was probably a creepy feast, but we were both quite satiated at the end.


QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I remember you used to love raw carrots dipped in ketchup in college - I thought it was the weirdest thing ever, but I like some pretty strange combos myself so I rolled with it. :-)

Chrissy said...

hey that's not a weird combo for a wrap!. lol... bet she loved the texture of the pickle... last time i ate 6 little pickles (as a kid) and then ended up w/the biggest stomach ache..

Stacy said...

Meg is so pretty. I love naming things.

And, YAY for pickles!

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