Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Stroll

Yesterday morning started much the same as most days. The whole family was in our bed as Cordelia climbed between Eric and I, blowing raspberries, trying some new sounds, and generally being happy about everything. Eric and I, still half awake, couldn't help but feel so thankful to be awakened so early by such a joyful spirit.

Eventually we got going. I made breakfast, we split a breakfast burrito. Curtains were opened, animals greeted, Eric had coffee and watched tennis. I cleaned up and got myself and then Cordelia ready to head out.

We got going a bit earlier than usual in order to take a quick two mile walk with my parents and a bunch of other folks for a local non-profit. The weather was beautiful, Cordelia quickly snuggled in for a sleep in the Maya Wrap. I did a little chatting, a little walking and had a lovely morning.

Mile marker 1
1/2 way done with a grueling two mile leisurely stroll.


Cordelia woke up just as I was finishing the last few minutes of the walk.

Later we went out to lunch with my parents, had some yummy Chinese food and then Eric and I drove around talking for a bit, looking at how green and lush the town has become. First the tulips were blooming, then it was the pink flowering trees, then the irises and the lilacs and the poppies. Ahhh I love it.


Stacy said...

Wait, there weren't any newscasters there? Seems like it would have been prime viewing!!

Glad you had a good walk.

Maria Rose said...

Sadly there were no newscasters. Although we did have our photo taken a couple of times by a photographer for the local paper.

Pam Brewer said...

I miss spring in Wyoming.

the dwellers said...

Such a fun day :)
I made a sling using the Maya wrap pattern that I loved. Ethan lived in it for a very long time. Great invention!

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