Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blast From the Past: Thanksgiving 2001

Eric and I were married in 2001. Shortly after that we moved to Missoula, MT, far away from our families who were living in NM at the time. We were to spend our first Thanksgiving as a married couple by ourselves. We were also on our 1st vegan Thanksgiving...and I had heard of a thing called a tofu turkey.

I went online and looked up a recipe for a tofu turkey and thought I'd make that. I dutifully gathered supplies with our meager budget of $0...we were really poor then. We couldn't afford a tasty tofurkey (the kind you buy at health food stores, so good).

I wasn't the seasoned (pun intended) vegan cook that I am now and I didn't realize that the tofu turkey was going to be an outright disaster. The ingredients were tofu, cheesecloth, onion, and some other stuff that made it seem like it might all come together. I can tell you now that it definitely did not come together. The end result was a gelatinous, tasteless blob that would frighten any vegan---because normally vegan food is really SO GOOD.

1 Thanksgiving

We didn't really care, it was just the two of us. Plus we didn't even have a dinner table so we just couldn't take anything seriously that day. We set our food out on the coffee table and sat cross legged on the floor in the living room while we ate our Thanksgiving Day feast.

This year we had intended to travel north to spend the day with our extended family, but bad weather and a baby who is clearly feeling a bit under the weather prevent that from happening.

So, Sam, Eric, Cordelia and I will have a feast of our own here, at our place. The menu will be a bit abbreviated because I wasn't necessarily planning to cook today, but we'll make it special and we'll be thankful for each other. Most of all we'll all be thankful that there will be no tofu/cheesecloth concoctions!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


AKM said...

Happy Thanksgiving from St. Louis to you! (((HUGS)))

sophie said...

Happy Thanksgiving - and hope Cordelia is on the mend. :-)

Robin said...

We had two plans that were canceled! But, turned out to be a fun day!

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