Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful For: Simple Joys

I am thankful for the simple joy of putting on a lunchtime comedy routine to get my little lady to eat. For the record she thinks I am hee-larious.

Feeding Time



What is your simple joy?


AKM said...

A good soy latte. A few spare moments to read for pleasure. Homegrown tomatoes in the summertime. Driving while listening to NPR, or more specifically "Prairie Home Companion." Perfect french fries. Hearing a long-lost song on the radio. Inside jokes. Petting Jackie-Cat. Hearing babies giggle. Yoga stretches.

Blossom said...

Those are such darling photos! I love the lighting. :)

My simple joy is having a peaceful moment with one of my horses. A few days ago one of my horses wasy laying down and he let me sit on him and hug him for a while. The warmth of his body against the chill of the air was so comforting. :)

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