Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Haircut

When Cordelia was first born she had hair, plenty of it. Slowly over the following months those hairs dwindled down, finally reaching near baldness this summer.

We began to wonder if she should go as Uncle Fester for Halloween, but then hair began to grow on her little noggin. First on top, then curls started to appear in the back.

Eventually the stuff on top began to hang down in a point in the front and we though that perhaps a haircut was in order. For months we've just been shoving that bit aside, but this week it was finally time to make a decision. So we went for it.

Before the haircut

One snip later...

After the haircut

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Emily said...

What a beautiful girl! Nice job on the haircut. I have always been too scared to cut my children's hair by myself. :)

affectioknit said...

So sweet and adorable! It's perfect!

..... Carmen said...

Awesome job on your Etsy! Just went and checked it out - your stuff is lovely and you've already brought in so many sales :) Cordelia is so sweet!

Momma CupKate said...

I still cry every time i cut Sonny-bunny's hair. It's usually long, but about once every year or ttwo, we'll chop it all off.

Robin said...

I can't pick which picture of Cordelia is cuter!

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