Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kindness Bandit: Project Cold Sparrow Troop


Last night it got cold, really cold. I snuggled under my pile of quilts and warmed under the steady blowing of our heater which worked tirelessly throughout the night. I lay there in the dark and I couldn't stop thinking about the little troop of gossipy sparrows that chirp and chatter the day away on a bush near our place. I thought that those little guys must be so cold (the news said it was -24 F last night). I know nature made them strong enough to bear the cold, but man alive they must be burning through those calories just keeping warm.


Now I am not a bird feeder type of girl because I don't want to make any birds dependent on me for food (what if I move and take away their primary food source?), but I think there is always a time for a little exception. Today the Kindness Bandit is breaking all the rules and giving those little guys some food.

For the birds


I employed Cordelia in the tearing up of bread and the crumbling of crackers, she also tested the food. We put it all in a bowl and as soon as I hit publish on this post we are going to bundle up and distribute our little offering of food for the birds. If only they would let me make them little bird sweaters....

I invite you to submit your Kindness Bandit deeds (with photos if at all possible) and I will feature them on an upcoming posting of the Kindness Bandit. Just remember to be creative and to be kind! Additionally, I will link to your blog or website.Please submit your Kindness Bandit activities to maria @ planetwimmer.com

In the mean time I will continue on with the Kindness Bandit as always!!!


affectioknit said...


Emily said...

So sweet! It is cold here too. But not -24 degrees cold! I'm sure the sparrows appreciated it.

the mountain fox said...

I think about the little birds in the cold too! Don't worry about feeding them, as most bird organizations, like RSPB say it's good to feed them in winter, especially if you live in an urban area. Nuts and seeds are the best!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

This is awesome! I always think about the little squirrels that live in our tree and wonder if they are able to keep warm during a blizzard. Maybe I should feed them too... Cordelia is so cute in her little dog sweater :)

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