Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Than Expected

On Monday I posted that I expected a very laid back Valentine's Day because my hubby and I are more spontaneous than all that---and then we did celebrate spontaneously. I spent my morning sending Eric several ridiculous e-cards (one featuring a cartoon Dionne Warwick).

First, my parents stopped by with flowers for me and a balloon and raspberries for Cordelia. She was in HEAVEN. She wouldn't [won't] part with the balloon all day, not for food, fresh diapers, etc.

balloon girl
With balloon (or boon in Cordelia speak)

Later Eric called to let me know he was on his way home and that he'd had kind of a bummer of a day. So that settled it. I took one look down at my outfit which featured crusty gunk from Cordelia's lunch and I decided that I needed to take that business to the next level.

I changed into a dress made by my Great Grandma Rose, threw out a tablecloth and put on some music. When Eric came home he joined in the festivities, donning his "smoker's jacket". He also brought home some gifts for his girls including: tulips, chocolate, wine and a stuffed pooch for Cordelia.


C'est moi
C'est moi

Handsome HUbby
Handsome husband

I will admit that we had not planned for a special dinner, so I decided to just have a simple salad and some whole wheat pasta (romantic I know). A simple, but tasty, vegan dinner. Regardless of the less than fancy cuisine we managed to have quite a lovely dining experience.

The dinner table

My crew
My dinner party

Une Salade



Almost immediately after dinner we all changed into our comfy clothes and spent the rest of the night lounging around. I also ate a lo of vegan chocolate.

So, as you can see we ended up having a rather lovely Valentine's Day. What did you do?


the mountain fox said...

That sounds and looks like a lovely evening! And you look gorgeous in your dress!
We had an unplanned and therefore more exciting lunch out in our local cafe which is really good. Some quick card making happened in the morning too.

AKM said...

Ha, I went to the dentist and watched "House." Not a bad night after all.

You all look gorgeous! That dress is to die for. I love seeing how you all celebrate things.

Orange Paisley said...

Aah, such a pretty family!

Momma CupKate said...

You're such a beauty, Eric looks peaceful, and Cordelia, as always, is a star. Sounds like the evening was better than any planned and pretentious night would have been.

affectioknit said...


kirsten said...

Hey you won the giveaway on my blog, I will email you with the gift code.

I love the balloon pics. She is adorable:)Sounds like the perfect Valentines day affair.

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

aw, that is so great. I love the photo of Cordelia with the boon (so cute!). Your dress is lovely.

Tammie said...

love all of this, and the dress is GORGEOUS!

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