Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tips From Mothers (Please Contribute) +Soule Mama Interviews WY Rose!

Yesterday evening I put two bibs on Cordelia. She was having V8 juice (she loves the stuff) and my little lady seems to think that she should be able to do it all by herself at this point. However, her little 16 month old body isn't always steady. She will hold the cup, filled with red juice, her hands shaking, her focus---um lacking-- as she lifts the cup to her mouth. I watch in amusement as the juice pours out of the corners of her mouth, cascading down the front, pooling in her lap. I am always shocked at how much mess she can make with a few ounces of liquid.

So as you can see a bib is certainly called for. Why the second bib? Well, we have a wide variety of bibs, some big and some small--the result is that there is either a neck gap or a large area of tummy asking to be stained by V8. So, somewhere along the line I had a maternal moment of genius, like a bolt of lightning to my brain (OK that is really over-dramatized) when I realized that I got a lot more coverage when I doubled up. I haven't tripled up...yet.

Anyway, I was thinking about all of those little flashes of maternal brilliance and I thought, perhaps we could pool our collective knowledge and turn into super-genius mothers. Below are a few of our discoveries, but I am really interested in hearing yours.

  • Double up on bibs when there is incomplete coverage.
  • V8 is a great breakfast drink.
  • Vintage scarves in a box = endless entertainment
  • Teaching your child how to wipe up spills on the floor feels a little bit like child labor, but it is soooooo rewarding.
  • When you have a baby music lover who won't sleep, Youtube videos are AWESOME. We literally bore her to sleep with our music.
OK, so there are just a few things that we have learned. What can you add to this list?

ALSO!!! Check out our Wyoming Rose interview on Soule Mama. There is a giveaway and a discount!!!!!!!!!!!


Darcy said...

Just saw you on Soulemama - great interview! You are BRAVE - I'm still just letting my 17 month old daughter practice with water, and based on wet we get, it'll be a looooong time before we move on to V8!

Reagan Caldwell said...

bypass the potty seat and/or insert-able potty seat. there are double potty seats available and i wish we would have just bought that in the beginning.

Emily said...

You're lucky Cordelia will let you put a bib on her. Lucas throws a flat out fit when I try to slip one on him. He tugs at it until it either unsnaps or it looks like it will leave red marks around his neck. It's his way of saying, "I am not a baby, Mom!" So instead I just invest in a lot of OxyClean and leave it at that. :)

Noell said...

Came over from SouleMama, loved your interview!

These tips don't necessarily have to do with keeping clean at mealtimes but they were in my head and thought I'd share:
~mini Magna Doodles are a mom's best friend during car rides and during long waits at appointments.

~double make your child's crib/bed (make sure there's a waterproof mattress pad in between each set)...handy in the middle of the night if child wets the bed or vomits (yuck!).

~keep small spray bottles of vinegar/water solution and stain remover near the bedrooms and bathroom for quick clean ups (vinegar/water) and stain removal before throwing clothes in hamper.

On my way Home... said...

Congrats on the Soule Mama Interview!
And thanks for your input on the milk situation. I'll be trying some different stuff here soon.

I've started making bibs that are triple layer and large! He still likes to put his hands through his hair... hmmmm.

Small bungee cords work awesome for baby proofing our cupboard doors, but I suppose that will work for only certain doors. Otherwise, hair ties. I'll have to take pictures and post.

Starting to let E draw/color. I use a jelly roll baking sheet and tape down the paper. The baking sheet keeps the colored pencils/crayons from rolling (well until he throws them :). But taping down the paper helped a lot, otherwise the paper moved around too much for him to actually color.

Start baby young on potty training (and yes use an insert potty seat... I started E at 6 months- just for #2... I hate changing those diapers. And now at this age, he is learning sign and can tell me (though not always timely) that he needs to use the toilet.

Wish I would have known that I could have just as easily bathed my young baby in the bath by putting in a small amount of water and laying them on a towel instead of buying the special tub/seat.

the mountain fox said...

Great interview on Soulemama! I love the tips too...mine is more a discovery and maybe everyone but me knows this but I was delighted to discover baby vests are designed to slip over the shoulders and down the body so you can take them off that way instead of over the head. Very handy for pooy nappies.
Also a sink full of water and some containers is very entertaining for a 17 month old. And a dog. Couldn't survive without our dog!

sophie said...

V8 is tasty, I love it. I am trying to think of any moment of brilliance I had...trying....still trying...

the dwellers said...

Congratulations on your feature with Soule Mama! Lovely interview with both you and your mom!

Mommy tip: once you have a baby, parking spots next to the 'cart corral' are much better than spots close to the entrance :)

Daughter tip: a clear plastic shoe rack that hangs on the back of a door makes a great holder for hair ribbons. It makes things easy to sort by color, etc and easy to find quickly.

Whitney said...

Kids love to clean up messes...believe it or not they like to do it even if there isn't a mess because they want to be like the adults...

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