Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Did It!

Yesterday was a strange day. Eric and I tried to go about things normally, but in the back of our minds we knew that we had a show at the end of the day. When it finally came time to get ready we dressed, we preened and we left our house with nervous knots in our stomachs. I immediately regretted the onions I'd had for dinner. Why hadn't I considered the fact that I would be close talking all night? I was also nervous because we haven't lived in this town for very long and I just didn't know how strong our support system would be.

We entered the gallery at 7pm (or just a moment late...time runs differently when you have a child) and there were already many people wandering about, looking at our art! Eric's video was playing on the large gallery flat-screen hung from the mezzanine. The sound track was playing, creating a totally cool vibe. Our art hung on the walls, the costumes from the film were also on display. My bird sculptures sat on columns placed throughout the gallery space.

My mother arrived and hung out for awhile before she took my sweet Cordelia (I missed her greatly by the end of the evening) for some play time with her grandparents. She would have had a melt down if we'd kept her there the whole night. I didn't get to spend much time with my handsome husband, we were both bouncing around chatting with the people that seemed to keep coming! I kept making eye contact with him across the gallery and that was enough.

The crowd
The crowd.

As the evening wore on I couldn't believe how many people came. Sold stickers began to appear on the tags, then they began to multiply. People stood and watched Eric's video, asked us questions and gave us compliments that were probably no good for our egos.

Talking with a friend
Eric talking with our friend

Me, looking a bit intense

Friends old and new arrived throughout the night. Over the course of the 3 hour opening there was a constant crowd of people. I just couldn't believe it!

Eric after the show

Eric after we closed
Eric at the end of the night

We met some really cool people and hopefully made some new friends. The night was a resounding success! We have the show up for a bit longer so we will be making some more gallery stops. I will also post more photos on Monday (when I get them from my mom).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Eric and I had a wonderful evening!!!!


Allen said...

Loved the show. You did it!!Cord was a hit. Congrats.

Emily said...

Awesome! It looks like your show was a resounding success. I am so happy for both of you! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE your new banner! Oh, so much has been going on with your lovely family. So many, many amazing things. Congratulations on your show! And on how you're juggling everything so beautifully :-)

Stacy said...

YAYYYYYYYYY for you two!! Congrats! I'm glad it was such a success.

..... Carmen said...

Congratulations to both of you!

Tammie said...

yay! congrats to you both. it looks like a great night.

singlemama said...

clap clap clap!!!
congrats to ou both!

kirsten said...

That's SO cool! Congratulations to you both.

AKM said...

I knew it would rock! So wonderful to hear! Congrats!

the dwellers said...

We have been super busy, sick, and then out of town... so I am just catching up.

Congratulations on such a wonderful opening. The show looks amazing! What a great way to showcase your talents and obviously a fun motivation for fresh creativity. Thank you for sharing moments with us.

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