Saturday, May 21, 2011

Emily is Here!

Yesterday afternoon we (Eric, Cordelia and I) stopped off at our small local airport and went up to the observation deck to watch the planes land. Cordelia was transfixed. We were looking for one important plane, a small jet (?) coming in from Denver. We watched as it landed and taxied in.

We ran down to the gate and held up our sign. We watched as people walked down the hallway and then there she was, I recognized her instantly, Emily. She was just as I had hoped and more. She has a subtle accent and a great sense of humor.

We welcomed her happily and headed to our house. We spent the afternoon chatting and then in the evening we visited a couple of art openings and had a glass of wine while Cordelia spent time with her grandparents.

Art Exhibit
Interactive art

Emily and I
Checking out some art

AT the bar
A glass of wine at the Wonderbar (not Wonder bra)

Now we are off to yoga! What are you up to?


Susan S said...

I'm so glad she is here!

Rachel said...

super happy for you both!!! =) she is one of the best company in the world!! (though I am mighty partial!)

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