Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Business of Summer

Yesterday I hustled into yoga class a few minutes before class started. I looked to the back of the room, because I am kind of a back of the room student, who likes to do all of that forward bending in front of others? I tossed my mat out on the floor in a quick unfurling of lavender. I sat down and looked to my right and smiled at another regular. I looked to my left and was surprised to see a fellow teacher from the college. She and I have a purely acquaintance relationship, but she seems nice enough. We started the usual polite half-whispered (some people were pretending to meditate) conversation. She asked me about the classes I am teaching in the fall and I pretty much gave her a blank stare.

I have hardly given a thought to the fall. I am too busy with the business of summer. I gave her the most basic of responses before changing the subject to ask about her summer. She told me a bit about her time in Ireland and then asked what I have been up to. I took a deep breath and gave her the stats, but how can one really explain what it is to go about a proper summer?

I told her about travel, visits with friends, books read, art projects, etc.

Yellow House
A corner of my house

What I couldn't really explain was the way the sun looked in my backyard or how I've spent my days relishing a very little girl who grabs my hand and says,"Coooome on Mom," as she pulls me to some strange new game. Or about sitting on the couch with my husband and talking long after the sun has set.

Montana Flowers at sunset

I didn't tell her about Cordelia's attempts to potty train the lawn animals.

potty training
Potty training the lawn animals. She put them all on and quoted Wonder Pets saying, "Teamwork"

I couldn't put into words the lunches spent with my father or coffee breaks with my mother. Drives with Sam, and phone calls with Ben were totally omitted. I didn't tell her about walks with two dogs and a stroller (a sight to behold) as we avoid the house with the largeblack poodle named Noodles.

Or about Cordelia's first time playing in the sprinkler.


The sprinkler

I didn't think to mention mornings spent cleaning and playing, afternoons spent sewing, or evenings crocheting.

A project

I left out snuggles and kisses with my girl. I didn't talk about juicy berries and pink lemonade. Lawn mowers, open windows, painting, cleaning, baking, ripe tomatoes,warm breezes,weed pulling, hiking to the waterfall, lilacs, lazing about and all the rest were completely passed over.

So finally I just told her that I was having a wonderful summer. How is your summer?


Kate Ware said...

Oh, my gosh, I love this post, Maria! You have totally captured summer. Firstly, I love the "pretending to meditate." LOL! I've always thought that @ yoga, too! And the photo of Cordy trying to potty train the yard animals is priceless. Who but a small child would realize that potty training takes teamwork? LOL! Sounds like you're having an amazing summer -- enjoy!

Susan S said...

This may be your most beautiful post yet!

sara said...

that does sound like a wonderful summer. that pic of cordelia "potty training" the animals is priceless.

Tammie said...

this post really speaks to me.

in all my years as a stay at home mom, ive been asked numerous times, "what do you do all day?" as if i can just answer this with one simple sentence! so i give the short and pat answer, 'i hang with my kids.'


Emily said...

I agree with your mom-- such a beautiful post! It captures summer perfectly-- the kind of summer I want for my family too.

mandi said...

well now this is just lovely.
you captured summer at its best.
and i especially loved the mention of phone conversations with your brother. because i love my brother and we talk on the phone almost daily.

Yvonne said...

I love the teamwork potty training! This has given me a chuckle all day!

Nicole Justice-Kleemann said...

very very well said. i just cannot help giggling at Cordelia and the lawn animals! Precious moments for sure!

Kate said...

Loved it. Thank you for this post.

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