Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Morning

Yesterday morning we had our usual company, Bode. We watch him 4 days a week. Bumblebee and Cordelia looove it! Since Bode is about 95% reliable in the house-training arena and since the weather has been so lovely we spend a lot of time in the back yard.

I have been busy weeding the garden, because things are starting to happen in my yard. I see there are tons of strawberries just plumping up. Cordelia follows me around with a rake when she's not playing. Bumblebee and Bode fall into a rhythm of play and then rest/watching the other chew on a toy.


muddy with a ball

watching Bode


Sweet cheeks


The mood is completely relaxed and just perfect, exactly what I imagined in my daydreams of home ownership. How have your summer mornings gone?


Emily said...

If I had your awesome backyard I'd be out there all the time too. Looks lovely and peaceful and oh so summery. :)

Susan S said...


Kate said...

I feel relaxed just reading that.

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