Friday, July 15, 2011

Antelope Nursery

Last week I dropped Eric off at work. He curates at a museum which is kind of out of town. Surrounding the museum are several open fields which are frequented by a group of antelope (a type of North American even toed ungulate-- for you biology types, wink). Anyhow I spotted a little baby antelope laying in a field, no mother in sight. The only other antelope was a big male sitting 100+ yards in the distance and keeping a wary eye on us.

My heart jumped out of my chest (not literally) and I was filled to the brim with a maternal instinct, one that knew no species barriers. Eric saw the look, recognizing it instantly, and matched mine with one that said, "NO! No way are we trying to rescue a baby antelope." I barely registered the look as I was already daydreaming of an antelope cuddling up next to Bumblebee on a cold winter night.

OK I would never really do that...probably. I asked Eric to check on the wee babe throughout the day and to call the authorities if things looked bad for our little bay-bay. He agreed, of course.

Later in the morning Eric called me to assure me that the wee babe had been reunited with his mother. Our observation has revealed that often the mother antelope will leave their babies in open fields, attended by a male. I would like to think that all of the mother antelope are off comparing notes and bragging about their babies.

So, while I may not be the adoptive mother of a baby antelope I have had some good views of the antelope nursery. (Today's photos are taken by E.K. Wimmer, my hubby--check out more of his photos here or click on my sidebar link)


male nurse

antelope lounger

to babes

mothers and baybays


sara said...

they're so cute! and how nice that the daddy antelopes watch the kids once in awhile so the mommies can have a girls' night :)

Susan S said...

I really like antelope. Great pictures, E.K.!

AKM said...

Oh, they're lovely! Here at SIUE, we have TONS of deer everywhere! They even walk right in the parking lots! Not antelope, true, but cousins! :-)

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