Saturday, July 16, 2011

La-La Lander


Yesterday we took a quick trip over to the small Wyoming town of Lander. Eric had a Coast Guard activity and we decided to make a family trip out of it. We want to get to know our state a bit better. Our drive was great. We chatted. Cordelia slept. I crocheted and sewed.

The terrain became more beautiful as we approached Lander, which is located at the base of a beautiful mountain range. Pulling into town we drove up and down Main street and spotted many young and hip people, kind of surprising for such a small town. Overall we found the community completely charming! Loads of gorgeous houses and well maintained lawns.

I sent my friend Anne (who once lived here) a text asking her what we should do and she suggested that we visit The Sinks. The Sinks is an area of the Popo Agie River that disappears into an underground cavern system only to reappear 1/3 mile away. Very mysterious. Also very beautiful.

Popo Agie
The Popo Agie River

Eric and Cordelia
Eric and Cordelia on the trail

Watching the water (yes, we are really and truly that pale)


Disappearing River

While our visit was short and sweet we really did love the area! If you are in the area I can't recommend it enough, a quick trip out of town, a beautiful drive and an amazing site. Do bring some bug repellent, I got 14 mosquito bites!


Mason-Jezek Journal said...

I'm so glad you guys liked it! I think the NOLS-ies (as we Lander folks call them) really help keep the town funky. Soley told me a quote she heard about Lander and it went something like, "If you're going to live in Lander,you are either going to wear a NorthFace fleece or a Carhart jacket, and you better pick which one quick." Kinds sums it up. :) Maybe next year you guys can come down for the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous river. Happy to see you all had a great day!

AKM said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing your West with this Midwesterner.

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