Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafternoon : Garden Stars

Yesterday afternoon was pretty hot, but I just wanted to hang out in the back yard under the shade tree. Cordelia was all lathered up in sunscreen and ready to play in her pool and the sprinkler. I threw out a blanket and decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a little crafting. I decided to make some garden stars from sticks and string. I ended up making a ton of them I think they make lovely outdoor decorations that blend well with nature. They would also be beautiful strung on a garland or with some sparkling white lights.

Garden Star

Here is how I made them.

Assemble your supplies. You will need 5 sticks per star, some yarn (raffia, twine, wire, or whatever else will work fine too) and a pair of scissors for cutting the string.

Here I am, busy at work

making 3
Make sure your sticks are roughly the same length, cut some string for tying the star together. I used some sticks with curves and bends also, making for an interesting star! Get creative.

Lay out the star shape and then use the string to tie it together at all of the points and also in the center. I wrapped the string around several times for stability and then cut off the excess stands.

4 stars
I made several stars in a variety of sizes. Added a piece of string to hang it from. You will find that your star has a definite top.

Star 3
Then I hung them around the backyard. I love them!

In the Virginia Creeper (My Grandma Grace told me what it was, I just thought it was a crazy vine thing)


We are also finishing off the business of potty training with Cordelia. So, she spent much of the afternoon running around only partially clad and oh so pleased with herself!


Susan S said...

I love the garden hearts!

Emily said...

Great idea! They add just the right touch, and I do think twinkle lights would be fabulous.

And way to go, Cordy on potty training!

Tammie said...

ha. love the modesty heart.

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