Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On My Mind

Me in sepia

Today I am thinking about

~Crocheting with my mom while Cordelia plays. We are working on hats this week. What projects are you working on?

~What book to read next. Do you have any recommendations? I could really use them!

~Yoga. I have really been loving yoga lately. Do you do yoga? How do you work out and unwind?

~Finishing the basement. Eric has started painting the paneling (have you painted panel before? YUCK) and we are now trying to figure out how to make it into a fun and functional space. What do you use your basement for?

~Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest and I really like it! You can check out my site by clicking the link on my sidebar under Follow Me (no pressure though). Do you have an account?

~What to do with all of the tomatoes that I am growing. Tomato sauce. Ketchup??? Sun dried tomatoes?

What is on your mind today?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. I have piles of books to be read by my can see them on my blog today if you'd like some ideas. I'm afraid of pinterest...I spend so much time online as it is! But it does look like fun. Wishing you a lovely day.

Daphne said...


Have you read:
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
The Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) series
The Hunger Games
The Terror
Garden Spells
The Shell Seekers

(some recent favorites, and an old summer favorite -- shell seekers)

Anonymous said...

-I am working on moving, my gnome tutorial, and curtains for the kids' new room :)

-A good book is "Cinderella Ate My Daughter" by Peggy Orenstein

-I unwind with a glass of wine and meditation- kinda like yoga but lighter

-I am using our tomatoes on our pita pizzas :)

Hug! Glad you're having a great day!

AKM said...

I have to say I am envious of you having so many tomatoes! We just don't have any yet around here, and we didn't last summer, either. We heard it was just too hot for them to grow! Yikes. The best thing ever is a homegrown tomato with EVOO and salt and fresh-ground pepper. Heaven!

Have you read The Help? I'm thinking of reading it next.

Pam Brewer said...

Ensalada Caprese Salad!

Emily said...

Just about every meal of my childhood, during the hot summer months, my mom would serve sliced, homegrown tomatoes simply dressed with salt and pepper. They were so sweet and delicious. I wish I had some now actually!

I'm just about finished reading The Book Thief and it has been very good. Can't wait to finish it soon!

I'm looking forward to our upcoming VACATION! And seeing certain friends...a-hem. :)

Kate said...

<3 Pinterest

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

mmmm I am thinking about a meeting with a shop owner about putting up my work there...

1. Roahl dahl is always good...I am actually reading the BFG right now :)
2. I also love yoga but recently been wanting to change it up a bit so I have started lifting (my husband gave me a routine called the Couture- it really works you!) I also just like walking about different places and spacing out
3. I have no idea what you could do with the tomatoes...roasted them then blitz them to make a soup? I am not a huge fan of tomatoes so I don't eat them much. Hope you are well!

Tammie said...

i have a pinterest account but have done nothing with it yet. im trying to decide if i need the time suck.

im reading The Violets of March right now and its really good.

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