Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Sam

Sam is my youngest brother. He was born when I was 12. I remember the day he was born quite clearly. I remember eating in the hospital cafeteria, watching Monkey Shines ( a movie about a quadriplegic man and an evil monkey)in the waiting room---no adult supervision, I remember a blue bubblegum cigar, but most of all I remember Sam. He was so small and such a gift to our family.

Growing up he was so much younger than me that we had to get creative with how we connected, but we absolutely did it! Now that gap has narrowed significantly. Today he is 18. He is no longer a baby that I can carry around, instead he is like 11 feet tall. Can you believe that?! How did that happen?

Sam has turned into such an amazing guy. He is kind and thoughtful, witty and hilarious. He is intelligent and creative. I really feel there isn't anything he can't do if he sets his mind to it.

Sam, for your birthday I thought you might like to see what you look like if you were to get a neck tattoo of an octopus. Also, I love that you are wearing mom's sunglasses in this photo! Classic!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Susan S said...

Hey, give me my sunglasses back! Oh, never mind. He can keep them as he totally looks cool in them.

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