Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music, Friends and Fountains

Yesterday evening I made some dinner (vegan white pizza with basil pesto, Daiya vegan cheese, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes a salad and fresh cherries in case you were wondering) and then we hit the road as a family. We headed down to the art museum to watch an outdoor evening concert. My lovely new friend Ashley had invited us and we were game for a fun show.

John Kirlin and the High Plains Drifters

The band played a nice, crowd pleasing, set. The audience was very mixed, families, teens, adults, the elderly, dogs, etc. There were tons of characters and I looove characters!

Meet Ashley, she's also a yoga instructor

rocking out
Feeling the music

Ashley is a local and she was happy to introduce us to several new and interesting people. We chatted as the sun lowered in the sky and the heat became less powerful; listening to the music, chasing Cordelia and people watching. Eric was busy taking tons of photos.

with ashely
Ashley and I

We had to leave a bit early because Cordelia was starting to wear down. We are now knowledgeable enough to know that it is best to leave BEFORE she hits a wall.

We met several new people, listened to some good music and made plans for future events. A successful and fun time. I was even invited to the 30th wedding anniversary of Ashley's parents--whom I had just met.

We held hands family style (Cordelia between us) as we left the shindig. The music had that heavy distant feel of a party continuing on without us. The shadows were getting long and the sun had that delicious golden hue. I spotted a fountain ahead of us and we couldn't resist a quick visit. Cordelia and I kicked off our shoes and held hands as we stepped into the cool waters of the trio of spurting jets of water.

the girls
Exploring the fountain

Cordelia was nervous at first, but soon she was soaked and I was pretty wet too. The air was still warm enough that the cool waters didn't make us freeze.

Watching my girl play

We wrapped things up and headed for home. Satisfied and happy.

Thinking about drinking fountain water.

What did you do last night?
**All photos from today's post are by E.K. Wimmer check him out here.


Anonymous said...

The bottom picture of Cordelia is so sweet.

Tammie said...

these pictures are so great. and i love what youre wearing.

Rachel said...

what a lovely evening. and the last picture, what a wonderful picture of Cordelia!!!

Susan S said...

Oh what lovely pictures!

Veggie Tales said...

First off your pizza sounded delicious and your evening sounded wonderful. Also I love the clean look of your white skirt against the polka dots!

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