Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Parade Day

We've lived in small town Wyoming for just over two years. While here we have tried to enjoy all that this town has to offer (with the exception of the rodeo...not a vegan activity). We have attended gallery openings, ballgames, concerts, picnics, etc. Finally yesterday we made it to PARADE DAY. Apparently it is kind of a big deal here, businesses close, people camp out to get primo seating. Parking was insane.

I was driving us into the hornet's nest and I kept passing up parking spaces that would involve parallel parking because I feared Eric's mockery (for the record he swears that he does not mock). So, an exasperated Eric suggested that he drive. We switched spots and eventually found a spot to park.

We walked several blocks to City Park where there was the entire population of our town, or so it seemed. There were chairs coating the sidewalk. People were grilling, eating, chatting, and generally enjoying quite a festive mood. I slathered Cordelia with sunscreen and we scoped the area.

Soon enough the parade started. I didn't realize this or recall it from my younger parade going days, but the first part of the parade consisted almost entirely of all of the (or so it seemed) emergency vehicles for our town and the neighboring communities as well. Just so we are clear the police cars, ambulances and firetrucks from each town look basically the same. The emergency vehicles kept blasting their sirens and poor Cordelia started to shake in terror. We had to wander off for a bit to let the noisy part continue without our presence.

When we meandered back to the front line we were rewarded with an ultimate newscaster sighting.
Of course there were newscasters aplenty. This was just the tip of the iceberg my friends!

We saw lots of awesome pre-teen dancers...I think you know what I am talking about. I particularly loved that in between dance moves they marched with their fists on their hips. Such an adorable and awkward phase. I will really enjoy it when Cordelia gets to that time.

tall guy
Tall guy playing clarinet

Cordelia and I at parade
Cordelia and I watching the parade

The guy that I love so much

Finally we spotted a loooooong line of tractors. I guess that any and all who own tractors just pull into line, there were a lot of them. Is that just a Wyoming thing?

oldie on tractor
This guy!

Eric and Cordelia, she's kinda fading out

After the parade we had to extricate ourselves from the area which was randomly blocked off in some sort of a maze, really I think somebody was just messing with parade goers. We had planned to go out for lunch, but Cordelia had faded into a deep slumber. I think the terror of the sirens and the thrill of the newscaster sightings were just too exhausting for her.


Stacy said...

I went to a similar type of parade on Independence Day. We didn't have any tractors though. So fun!!

elizabeth said...

it's not just wyoming - the tractor line - it's minnesota, too. :)

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