Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Some days it feels like the earth is rotating a little too quickly around the sun, that seasons are just too short, that this daughter of mine is growing too fast. Some days I try so hard to burn these little moments into my mind so that I can access them again in the future, when we are on to a new stage and a new adventure.

I try and remember the way the sun feels on my skin, the slight breeze, the sound of a distant mower, Bumblebee rolling in the grass.


I hope I will recall Cordelia saying, "Watermelon good mama," because she just discovered how wonderful watermelon is---for the very first time! I try to memorize the feel of chubby toddler arms wrapped around my neck as a little girl, mouth dripping with watermelon juice, "whispers" in my ear, " Love you mama."

sweet mess

big bite

watermelon juice

I wonder will I remember that exact moment?


Kate said...

Yes. I still do with my first-born.

Kate Ware said...

I think you absolutely will, Maria. Thank your for sharing your sweet girl with us!

Kirsten said...

The beauty of blogging! It is special when they say I wub you.:) A moment.

Anonymous said...

I love her photos. Watermelon is the best!

Carmen said...

I sure hope so. I'm trying to hold onto many similar memories with Aidan right now :).

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Oh goodness I know exactly how you feel... the years whizz by. Tonight we discovered that Esme has her first wobbly tooth. It is the very first tooth that came through 5 years ago. I cannot tell you how emotional this is making me feel.. the little tooth that caused so much pain, angst and excitement on it's arrival is now ready to be replaced by a grown up tooth! I'm actually going to make myself cry if I carry on typing xx Enjoy every minute of Cordelia xx

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